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Gemstone Key Chain

Gemstone Key Chain

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Gold Tigers Eye
Known to help you think clearly and to feel grounded. It is the stone of personal empowerment, courage, willpower, and protection. It is also known to increase psychic abilities. Gold tigers eye is also said to reduce pain and bring good luck.

Black Tourmaline
Represents strength and purification - works to cleanse the emotional body and minimize negative energies like anxiety, worthlessness, and anger.

Nicknamed "The Stone of Hope" - inspires powerful healing, hope, and centring yourself when you are overwhelmed by emotion. Helps to achieve balance and clarity.

Rose Quartz
The frequencies of this stone are said to heal negative emotions by purifying and opening up the heart to all love. Enhances feminine calming energy and compassion through its calming frequencies. It is known as the stone of universal love and can restore trust, harmony and unconditional love.

Known to carry a connection to the Divine Feminine. Lemurian helps to raise consciousness, which may lead to improved intuition and spiritual insight.

Wide range of benefits such as absorbing negative energies, balancing emotions, promoting enlightenment, opening the third eye, and improving courage.

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